Professor Anamitra Shome Receives Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching

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Professor Anamitra Shome Receives Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching

Published on June 06 2013

Congratulations to Professor Anamitra Shome on being one of six recipients of the 2013 Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching. Professor Shome joined Brock University in 1997 as a lecturer in the Department of Accounting and Finance. As a teacher, he is a kind and unselfish individual who values his role as a teacher and works to kindle a spark of lifelong learning in his students.

Professor Shome has published several articles pertaining to internal audits, an important topic in light of recent accounting scandals that have changed the field of accounting and pushed auditing to the forefront.

Professor Shome developed a framework to help him achieve his teaching goal called the “3-E Framework” - Enthusiasm, Excitement and Excellence. He actively seeks student criticisms, feedback and suggestions to ensure that he is providing quality learning in the classroom.

One of his students submitted the following comment about his teaching, acknowledging a quote coined by Shome: “Such is life - we come, we have to go. The important thing is to be good people in between the coming and going.”

Professor Shome received his MBA from Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS (1992), and his PhD in Business Administration, with a major in Accounting from Concordia University, Montreal, PQ (1998). He became a tenure-track faculty member at Brock in 1998, an associate professor in 2002, and received his CGA designation in 2009.
From 1994-97, Shome held various lecturer positions at Concordia University. From 1980-89, until he returned to school, he held a position as an Officer, Foreign Exchange, Punjab and Sind Bank, Intl, Banking Divisions, in Calcutta and New Delhi, India.

The Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching is awarded to individuals chosen by selection committees of Faculty members, staff and students from the Faculties of Applied Health Sciences, Education, Humanities, Mathematics and Science, Social Sciences, and the Goodman School of Business. Nominees must have a reputation for superior teaching and be recognized for this quality by students and colleagues.

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Professor Anamitra Shome

Professor Anamitra Shome

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