Police video unit at Brock’s main campus (Thursday, May 30)

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Police video unit at Brock’s main campus (Thursday, May 30)

Published on May 29 2013

On the afternoon of Thursday, May 30, Campus Security and the Niagara Regional Police Video Unit will be filming segments of an emergency preparedness video at Brock’s main campus.

Filming will be brief in various indoor locations and specialized video equipment, lighting and props will be used. Members of Campus Security and a University emergency preparedness officer will accompany the police while they are filming.

There is no audio in the filming, so there will be no disruptions to any activities, programs or services.

Locations may include, Welch Hall, Walker Complex, Schmon Tower Lobby, Plaza Building and the Cairns Complex.

The film segments will be very brief, however occupants and/or visitors may see the activity. Campus Security will notify area occupants before any filming begins.