Do You Direct2U? Save Money!

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Do You Direct2U? Save Money!

Published on March 11 2015

What is Direct2U? - Direct2U Prescriptions is a service for all students. Your prescription medications are delivered to the Brock GSA office for free the next day.   Register for Direct2U Prescriptions at  See video for more details on Student VIP.

Safe & Confidential - Alliance Pharmacy has been delivering medications for over 50 years across Canada. All prescriptions arrive in confidential packaging with medication information provided. Pharmacists are available during the day by phone if you have any questions.

Save Money and Time - For those on the Brock GSA drug plan, students can get 80% coverage on eligible brand name drugs and 100% coverage for generics. All students can save time by never having to travel to a pharmacy again!  Your doctor's office can just fax the prescription directly to them, or you can have current prescriptions transferred from a regular pharmacy, as well.

Away from campus during the summer holidays? Have your prescriptions delivered direct to you using Direct2U Prescriptions. Instead of picking up your medications from the GSA Office, your package can be rerouted to your home, workplace, or any Canada Post or FedEx location in Canada. Never transfer your prescriptions again. Get free, next day delivery while at home, at work, or on vacation within Canada. All you need to do is contact Alliance Pharmacy at 1-877-796-7979 when you need your next refill and let them know where you are located.   On Facebook.