Gather around a hot stage this holiday season

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Gather around a hot stage this holiday season

Published on November 27 2012

When Leahy takes to the Centre for the Arts stage in December, it will be much like coming home.

The perennial favourite performing siblings will host their Family Christmas, an homage to the holidays with some of the group’s folk hits thrown into the mix, during a sold out evening performance on Thursday, Dec. 20 and a matinee on Friday, Dec. 21.

Coming back to Niagara was an easy sell for Leahy - something that just felt like being at home, where, as children, the band often sang and performed for guests, pianist Erin Leahy said.

“The theatre is itself unique in the way it’s designed. No. 1, it feels as though we are all in one living room so it’s a very natural setting for us because we’re one family and grew up playing music right beside each other,” she said.

This year’s shows will have a distinctly family feel for another reason. Children will be part of the program that, in addition to festive tunes and the band’s own standards, will include new music from a CD currently in the works.

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Photo of Leahy

Leahy is one of several acts to hit the stage at the Sean O'Sullivan Theatre this holiday season.