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Your UHIP Account

Published on January 14 2016

If you just started at Brock as an undergraduate or graduate student in January 2016, your coverage started January 1 but you cannot yet register and create your UHIP account with Sun Life Financial. Please keep checking your Brock email account for information.

If you started this academic year in September 2015, you can register on the Sun Life website at and create your new UHIP account or log into your existing account. This account will allow you to print your UHIP proof of coverage and will also allow you to find a health care provider, print a Claim Form, check the progress on a claim, and apply for Direct Deposit of a claim. If you have tried the steps below but cannot access your account, please call Sun Life Financial directly for assistance at 1-877-786-54331-877-786-5433

To register and create your UHIP account, please follow these steps:
At the ‘Start Screen’, you will choose the option “Register – benefits plan” and then provide the following information:

            Your date of birth
Brock University’s postal code (L2S 3A1)
            All students are added with a general address (Ontario)
            Brock University’s contract/policy number (050150)
            Your Certificate/Member ID
             (BU00 followed by your 7-digit student ID # (i.e., BU001234567)

Note that the yellow card with your Access Number is NOT your UHIP card; when you have recorded your Access Number, you need to retrieve the password that Sun Life will send to your Brock Email account. Then continue the process and log in to your new account with that Access Number and that password, answer the questions, and go to "My Coverage" and then to "Print my coverage card". That is your UHIP card that will prove you have health insurance.

There are also several on line tutorials on line at for assistance with registering, printing your UHIP coverage card or accessing the mobile app.

Please make sure you have your Brock student card and your UHIP card whenever you visit a health care provider.