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Abstract Conversations

Published on October 11 2012

Members of the Faculty of Education gathered late September in Sankey Chambers for the fall session of Abstract Conversations, the first Faculty Forum of the academic year.

The event, which offers an opportunity for faculty members to share their research with colleagues, welcomed nearly 30 attendees, nine ten of whom were presenting their research to small groups. The Faculty of Education was pleased to welcome two guests from other universities for this event: visiting scholar, Dr. Xiaolan Luo, Vice-President at Xinzhou Teachers' College in China and Dr. Alyson Simpson, University of Sydney. Both enjoyed participating in research discussions with Brock faculty.
Prepared with a brief, one-page abstract the presenters spoke informally about their research for approximately 30 minutes and engaged in further discussion with members who sat in on the presentations.

The idea for the Conversations, now in its fourth installment, was “born out of a desire for sharing ideas and finding out what other faculty members are doing”, according to Dr. Shelley Griffin, Chair of the Faculty of Education Professional Development Committee.

Prior to the presenters beginning their discussions, Dean and Professor Fiona Blaikie referenced the importance of sharing knowledge and discussing important topics amongst each other.

“The more people we can bring into these conversations the better,” she said.

The morning event consisted of two segments of simultaneous roundtable discussions, each segment commencing with introductions offered by faculty members. Presenters provided brief overviews of what they would be discussing, allowing others to make the decision of which topic they would like to learn more about and engage in further discussion.

As groups were formed, presenters utilized visual aids, handouts, and other materials to help inform and engage their groups – and with great success, as all groups produced spirited conversations.

The event concluded with acknowledgement of the contributions of faculty members and graduate students. All those present enjoyed participating in Abstract Conversations. Indeed, it was a worthwhile opportunity for both scholarly and collegial growth within the Faculty of Education.

Presenters included:

  • Sharon Abbey
  • Fiona Blaikie
  • Diane Collier
  • David Hutchison
  • Ruth McQuirter Scott
  • Nicola Simmons
  • Mary Saudelli and Katia Ciampa
  • Susan Sydor
  • Kari-Lynn Winters

To find out more, please review the abstracts


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