Dr. James Mandigo will begin his term as the new Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

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Dr. James Mandigo will begin his term as the new Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Published on September 27 2012

Starting a new role as Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. James Mandigo will officially begin his three-year term on October 1st.

“It is both a privilege and an honour to serve the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences (FAHS) in this position. FAHS has a rich history of excellence in undergraduate education with many award winning educators”, Says Mandigo, who is a co-director for the Centre for Healthy Development and an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology.

Mandigo’s research focuses on international and youth development, with a focus on the development of life skills through physical education and sport.

“Every day, our students have the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by leading scholars who are advancing the health and well being of individuals and making the world a better place to live”.

Over his years as a professor at Brock University, Mandigo has continually developed experiential teaching and learning opportunities that have helped develop students both in the classrooms at Brock and expanded the horizon to include international development courses in El Salvador.

These initiatives and dedication to student development has earned him numerous awards, including the Brock University Award for Distinguished Teaching and the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Award for Teaching Excellence.

As indicated by Mandigo, he is excited about the opportunity to build upon the Faculty’s strategic plan, and develop it’s strength of being a leader in undergraduate education.

“ I look forward working with and supporting the strategic vision for our Faculty that was developed through a collaborative process under the leadership of Dean McCartney” says Mandigo.

Please join us in congratulating James and supporting him in his new role. 

Dr. James Mandigo
Dr. James Mandigo

Associate Dean
Undergraduate Studies
Faculty of Applied Health Sciences