Members of the Faculty of Education stay up to date on the latest technology

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Members of the Faculty of Education stay up to date on the latest technology

Published on September 04 2012

Ranging from novice to experienced users, members of the Faculty of Education left with more than just a screen full of fingerprints after a recent iPad training session.

With demonstrations by Apple technicians at the Hamilton and St. Catharines campuses, faculty and staff had the opportunity to learn the basics of the popular device and familiarize themselves with actions they will use on a regular basis.

For those just getting their feet wet with the iPad, the technicians went through things such as opening and closing programs, adjusting volume and locking the screen’s rotation – all important steps before being integrated into a classroom.

“I am at a very beginning level,” says Associate Professor Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker. “I have had my iPad for about a year and have used it for apps, emails and web browsing, but I very much want to begin using it for teaching as well as research.”

With plenty of helpful hints for beginners, there were also some tips and demonstrations that appealed to the more advanced user, ensuring that regardless of familiarity everyone left having learned something new.

“I’m a total Apple geek and still learned a few new tricks at the session,” said Associate Professor Camille Rutherford.

With the increasing presence of technology in today’s classroom, the use of an iPad may be one of the more intriguing teaching tools, as it allows for students to have materials at the fingertips at all times.

“The benefit of technology, specifically mobile technologies, in the classroom is that it can significantly extend the learning process,” said Rutherford. “Mobile technologies allow students to carry their learning materials with them where ever the go, thus increasing their opportunities to access these learning resources.”

As the technology continues to advance, along with the way teachers incorporate it into their classrooms, the teaching dynamic between teacher and student has unlimited possibilities.

“I am very much looking forward to using the iPad in my own university classroom,” said Ciuffetelli Parker. “[It] would allow me to: interact much more personally with my students, to have visual, oral and interactive participation and to move our learning well into 21st century literacy applications.”

When the session was over it was evident, that despite familiarity or skill level on the iPad, there was a desire to continue to learn more about the device and how it can strengthen and enhance the ways in Faculty of Education instructors teach their classes.

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iPads in the classroom

Members of the Faculty of Education received hands-on training to further their skills and knowledge of how an iPad can enhance teaching in the classroom.