Brent Faught and Madelyn Law are awarded with the 2012 Chancellor's Chair for Teaching Excellence

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Brent Faught and Madelyn Law are awarded with the 2012 Chancellor's Chair for Teaching Excellence

Published on July 18 2012

Back in full flight, the creators of the “supercourse” receive funding to further research and practice for an innovative accelerated learning course first offered in the spring semester of 2010.

Professors Brent Faught and Madelyn Law have been awarded the 2012 Chancellor’s Chair for Teaching Excellence, their work will evaluate short-term and long-term retention and knowledge transfer.

The Chair-holders will be awarded $5000 over a three-year program of research and practice that will be used to compare accelerated and traditional course formats.

“This research should address the efficacy of innovative teaching and learning approaches that address the needs of our students and mandate of our University,” says Dr. Brent E. Faught, Professor of Epidemiology in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences.

The innovative course, officially titled “Introduction to Community Health Sciences” introduced a unique format, which offered a full–year, eight-month social sciences context credit for students across the university - in just two weeks!

“Everything is identical, just completed in a different timeframe” Says Madelyn Law, Assistant professor in Community Health Sciences.

The course utilizes an online platform, coupled with an intensive study schedule that encouraged many students to work together in student propelled learning communities to avoid falling behind.

“We think it is important to have some evidence to better understand accelerated learning and retention which will help to guide policy and course development in the future at Brock.” says Law.

“It will be interesting to look at additional accelerated courses and at different times of the year (not just spring/summer) if this is something that meets educational and student needs”

Since the course was first introduced it has been featured in University Affairs and other universities have tried to emulate various aspects of the supercondensed course.


Brock University Teaching Excellence Madelyn Law and Brent Faught
2012 Chancellor's Chairs for Teaching Excellence

Brent Faught & Madelyn Law
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