Hamilton campus features new iPad kiosk

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Hamilton campus features new iPad kiosk

Published on July 10 2012

Thanks to a newly installed iPad kiosk, gathering information at Brock University’s Hamilton campus is now literally at your fingertips.

The campus, which is home to the Faculty of Education’s Department of Teacher Education, an Instructional Resource Centre, two Windows-based computer labs and a number of SMART board classrooms, has made it easier for students, faculty, staff and visitors to quickly access important information.

“The kiosk features a live schedule linked into the Hamilton room booking system, a campus map and campus directory,” says Kyle Tuck, systems administrator and technician at the campus. “The schedule should help all users of the campus figure out where a meeting, class or event is taking place, but the directory and the map are most useful to new or infrequent visitors to the campus.”

Initiated by the Faculty’s Computer Services department, the project began to develop and evolve with some added inspiration coming from an unlikely place.

“I saw a contest entry kiosk in a mall and realized it was an iPad driving the system,” said Tuck. “We investigated the mounting hardware and found it could be purchased easily online.”

Moving forward, iPad kiosk apps were researched and tested and the team quickly found one that that was easily configured to use a predefined URL. The app, combined with the mounting hardware, prevents it from being used as a personal device.

Funded by Fiona Blaikie, Dean of the Faculty of Education, there are plans to install a second unit at the south entrance of the building, with a possibility of expanding to each entrance of the Hamilton campus.

Dependent on the Hamilton Campus kiosks usage, Computer Services will evaluate the feasibility of bringing the kiosks to the Faculty of Education St. Catharines campus.

While there is no guarantee that kiosks will be at the St. Catharines campus, there is a belief they could provide a helpful element to the much larger main campus.

“I believe these kiosks would be useful at the St. Catharines campus,” he says. “It is a much larger campus and could really help new students and visitors find their way around.”




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screen of iPad with map showing
Where do you need to go?

Finding your way around campus has never been easier thanks to the iPad kiosks implemented at the Hamilton campus.