Brock’s Sport Management program well represented on draft day

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Brock’s Sport Management program well represented on draft day

Published on June 25 2012

Graduating to the big leagues, fourth year Sport Management student Shaun Valeriote has been selected in the 2012 Major League Baseball (MLB) first year player draft by the Toronto Blue Jays.

“For the past two years at Brock, Shaun has been a team leader both on and off the field.” Says Jeff Lounsbury, Brock baseball head coach.

“He is one of the all-time best players to ever wear a Brock uniform. We wish him all the best as he begins his professional career.”

Among the all-time best Brock badgers, is the man who drafted Valeriote, Andrew Tinnish,. Tinnish held the badger batting record, until it was out-slugged by non-other than Valeriote.

Tinnish’s playing days are long over, he graduated from the Sport Management program back in 2001, and since gone on to be the Director of Amateur Scouting with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Drafting Valeriote, meant Tinnish would be drafting the first ever, Ontario University Athletics (OUA) baseball player. Drafted in the 39th round and 1195 overall, Valeriote’s numbers speak for themselves.

During the 2011 OUA regular season, Valeriote played in all 21 regular season games, winning the OUA Triple Crown, as he led the league in home runs (5), RBI (20), and batting average (.460) 29-for-63. He also led the league in runs scored (27) and stolen bases (14). He recorded a hit in 17 of 21 games including 10 multiple hit performances.

Shaun’s story is quite unique, but his dedication both on and off the field set him apart in the eyes of many.

“I got to know him well as a student in my sport marketing class, and his commitment to excelling in both the classroom and on the field was very evident from the beginning of term,” says Cheri Bradish, Associate Professor in Sport Management.. “This is clear again with him contacting us less than one week into his camp in Dunedin to set up an independent study with Dr. laura Cousens and myself to ensure he continues his path to graduation.”

“It has been a place of pride for our students and program to see Andrew excel in his position with the Jays, and while we know that Shaun clearly was drafted on the merits of his performance and athleticism, it was most rewarding to hear a SPMA Alum call his name on draft day.” 

Tinnish’s role as director of amateur scouting, has played a significant role for the “new Jays” as they embark on a journey to invest more in the MLB draft than any other team. Tinnish was recently featured in Sportsnet magazine for his large role in the building of the next generation Jays.

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Blue Jays

SPMA student Shaun Valeriote is drafted to the Toronto Blue Jays by SPMA Alumnus Andrew Tinnish.