Students present to the Welland City Council

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Students present to the Welland City Council

Published on May 03 2012

Putting their ideas on the table, a group of Recreation and Leisure students provided an update to the 2006 Recreation, Parks and Culture master plan for the City of Welland – a job usually reserved for consultants.

The presentation consisted of a 5 minute video produced and introduced by Adrian Petrachenko and a 7 minute oral presentation by Linsday Beddington, Cassandra Harwood, and Tyler Misener.

Utilizing the knowledge acquired in RECL 4P05 “Community Recreation Planning”, this student group was selected to represent their entire class.

“Throughout the term, students worked with city staff in updating and analyzing the master plan from 2006.” Says Martha Barnes, Recreation and Leisure professor who was originally a community co-chair of the 2006 Welland master plan.

“City staff wanted to know where the city was at in terms of implementing the 162 recommendations as outlined in the 2006 document,” Says Barnes. “By allowing our students to present to city council, our students were able to enter into the political arena of recreation planning - an extremely valuable experience.”

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