Recreation and Leisure students transplant service-learning project to the Niagara community

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Recreation and Leisure students transplant service-learning project to the Niagara community

Published on April 13 2012

Putting their skills, knowledge and green thumbs to the test, Recreation and Leisure students put a service-learning incentive grant to work.

As part of Mary Breunig’s student-directed course, RECL 4Q96: Experiential Education, students agreed to not be assigned a mark for this initiative and instead focused their efforts on the development of the project.

It was a long, thoughtful process to determine the type of project that would best serve community need with the $1000 service-learning grant. With a narrowed focus of five ideas, the class decided to develop an outdoor classroom for students and teachers at the Wheatley Montessori School in St. Catharines.

“We wanted to develop something that would keep giving, not just stopping at the end of the grant” Said Maya Blomme, a fourth year student volunteer involved with the project. “The project was really inspiring to see Brock and the community working together.”

The space is designed to be an outdoor sanctuary, to facilitate learning in an outdoor context. The design covers an area of 20ft x20ft and includes, 3 trees and 16 ornamental grass plants that will help form shade and shelter from wind.

“The process of creating the space, will be not be as significant as the multiplicity of uses the space will offer students, teachers and the community.” Said Dean Shamess, a fourth year Recreation and Leisure student who helped with the project.

The project was made possible with the help of student volunteers and Rynberk landscaping, a local landscaping company supplying three experienced landscapers, along with the necessary equipment and planning expertise.

Donations for the project came from Brock University, the Dean’s office in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences and the Wheatley Montessori school.


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