Education Graduate Crafts a Refreshing and Insightful Children’s Series

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Education Graduate Crafts a Refreshing and Insightful Children’s Series

Published on March 22 2012

The concept of ‘considerate curriculum’ may be new for many, but for award-winning workshop facilitator Sherry Ramrattan Smith, it has been a way of life. Coalescing her love for writing and a career as an educator and curriculum writer, Ramrattan Smith, in collaboration with her sons, crafted Baby Girl: Welcome To Your Family, the exquisitely-conceived third book in the Considerate Curriculum Series.

According to Ramrattan Smith, a graduate of the Faculty of Education’s PhD program, “curriculum is not just limited to the work of teachers, educational workers, and students – but instead curriculum becomes situated in everyday actions and interactions within schools and also outside, among friends and families, and extends to our responsibilities as community members and citizens.”

The first book, Brothers: Best Friends Growing Up is about Ramrattan Smith’s two sons, Benjamin and Matthew. The second work, Sparky: He Is Our Pet is about their family dog Sparky, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The third book in the series, Baby Girl: Welcome To Your Family tells a story about the author’s first granddaughter, Madyn. The entire family delights in her arrival and willingly shares in her adventures. Family, friendship, and love are the key messages in this intimate yet universal piece from Ramrattan Smith.

All three books in the series focus on themes of care, love, support, and responsibilities. The refreshing and insightful collection aims to encourage parents and caregivers together with children, to create their own stories that further such themes. Ramrattan Smith hopes the series will provide a viable way to engage schools and communities in taking up differences, similarities, practices, and actions with an aim to improve understanding amongst individuals.

Combining simple texts and captivating photos, emphasis is placed on how what we do each day matters. Conceptually, this way of thinking can creatively “open up” curriculum to everyone. Ramrattan Smith believes that "by sharing our life experiences and examining our actions, we can become more accepting of our differences and learn to be more caring in our interactions.”

Baby Girl: Welcome To Your Family encourages readers, both the young and the old, to pay attention to the little things that they do. With its universal theme that resonates through time, the Considerate Curriculum Series does not only document the Smith family’s lives but also demonstrates how the seemingly mundane day-to-day actions matter in relationships.

About the Authors
Sherry Ramrattan Smith PhD is a national award-winning curriculum writer and an international award-winning workshop facilitator. She is a respected speaker and children’s author in the areas of identity and social justice, equity and inclusion, and curriculum writing. A qualified teacher, Sherry has spent over 30 plus years as an advocate and activist for social justice and equity issues. Her expertise and skills have been honed through her work as a teacher, curriculum writer, workshop facilitator, professional development leader, and through empirical research in the areas of social justice and curriculum writing during her PhD studies at Brock University. Sherry currently resides in Kelowna, British Columbia.
Contact her at or read her weekly blogs at for ideas to enact a “Considerate Curriculum”.

Matthew Brian Smith has a business degree. He lives and works in Kelowna, British Columbia. 


Sherry Ramrattan Smith

Graduate and award-winning author