Important Changes for Placing Materials on Reserve

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Important Changes for Placing Materials on Reserve

Published on February 21 2013

The Library’s reserves procedures have been updated, in keeping with recent developments in the Canadian copyright environment.

1. Please submit reserve lists as soon as possible to provide timely access for students to these resources.

2. The following content may be placed on Reserve and unless there is a request to retain the materials in the Collection for the course offering the next semester, will be removed when the course ends:

•    Library-owned books and other materials.
•    Books from an instructor's collection.
•    Links to e-chapters and e-articles licenced by the Library. The Library provides access to millions of journal articles and hundreds of thousands of electronic books. Liaison Librarians will be an invaluable resource in working to locate materials. Library staff will provide instructors with the correctly constructed persistent link to add to Sakai, so that it is available to your students from off-campus.
•    Links to open access content, e.g. Internet Archive.
•    Links to content in the public domain.
•    Links to content with appropriate Creative Commons licences.
•    Photocopies of material for which the instructor holds copyright.
•    Copyright–compliant photocopies of chapters of books or journal articles, limited to what is allowed under the Copyright Act, with guidance from the Fair Dealing Policy, through the Access Copyright Licence, or permission must be sought from the copyright holder. 

Note: The use of library reserve must not substitute for the purchase of books, course packs or other published materials.

3. Please submit an online Reserve Request List Form for each course or pick up a copy of the form at the Circulation Services Desk in the James A. Gibson Library. Items submitted without a form will be returned, thereby delaying access to these resources by students.

4. When submitting photocopied material (in good repair) for reserve, the following elements are required on the Reserve Request List Form for each reading:

•    the original source of the material
•    the author
•    the publisher
•    the year of publication
•    the exact pages copied
•    and, the total number of pages in the original work.

5. For additional information, please see:

•    Brock Copyright web page.
•    Reserve Collection Policy.

6. For assistance with reserves, contact:

•    Elaine Jaeger, Reserves Supervisor, at ext. 3963.
•    Your Liaison Librarian for advice on digital sources.