Women In Canada - New Report From Statistics Canada

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Women In Canada - New Report From Statistics Canada

Published on July 26 2011


Understanding the role of women in Canadian society and how it has changed over time is dependent on having information that can begin to shed light on the diverse circumstances and experiences of women. Women in Canada provides an unparalleled compilation of data related to women's family status, education, employment, economic well-being, unpaid work, health, and more.

Women in Canada allows readers to better understand the experience of women compared to that of men. Recognizing that women are not a homogenous group and that experiences differ not only across gender but also within gender groups, Women in Canada includes chapters on immigrant women, women in a visible minority, Aboriginal women, senior women, and women with participation and activity limitations.

View the sixth edition of Women in Canada. If you would like to explore how statistics and data can be used in your teaching and research, feel free to contact a member of the Library's Data Research Service.