Grad student profile: Lana Radloff

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Grad student profile: Lana Radloff

Published on February 18 2011

Lana Radloff
MA candidate Classics, Faculty of Humanities
Supervisor: Professor Elizabeth Greene
Research topic: Examination of alternate approaches to de-contextualized antiquities
Hometown: a farm near Star City, Saskatchewan

Lana Radloff packed her bags late last spring to spend eight months abroad. Her first stop was to work as a teaching assistant on an excavation in Northern Greece led by Prof. Margriet Haagsma from the University of Alberta. From there, she went to Turkey to work on an underwater survey project and do research at the Institute of Nautical Archaeology with her Brock supervisor, Prof. Elizabeth Greene. After that, she completed a three-month internship at the Athens-based Canadian Institute in Greece (CIG). The institute has primary responsibility for Canadian archaeological research in Greece.

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