BUSU Executive Forum A Success

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BUSU Executive Forum A Success

Published on November 30 2010

By Erik Dickson




 Over 30 people participated in the BUSU Executive Forum at Isaac’s on Nov. 20 and 21, representing 24 BUSU ratified clubs.

Hosted by the Student Development Centre in cooperation with BUSU, the forum trained several club executives in a variety of useful skills.

Some of the topics that were covered included Strategic Planning, Finances and Budget, Marketing and Promotions, Decision Making, as well as eight others.


Lindsay Winger, Student Leadership & Engagement Coordinator for SLCE, explained that while the forum was a formal environment for networking among clubs, the hope is that the Student Leadership & Innovation Commons (SLIC) will provide a casual one that is available every day.

"A lot of the clubs found ways that they can work together," she said. "Connecting with different clubs and sharing resources is the message we’re trying to get across."

These sessions were met with overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants.

Voted on by those who took part, many of the sessions received 100% ratings for usefulness, and 70% said they would recommend attending future Executive Forums to their peers.


Held for the first time last year, the forum not only provided training for club executives, it also gave them the opportunity to network with other executives and student leaders.