Oxford English Dictionary Online Redesign

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Oxford English Dictionary Online Redesign

Published on November 30 2010

The OED online, the web version of the esteemed English dictionary, has a fresh design and innovative new features.  The OED online now includes:

  • links to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
  • pages on the OED's most-cited authors and texts (e.g. William Shakespeare, The Times of London)
  • the integrated text for the Historical Thesaurus to the OED
  • and more!

Discover the over 600,000 words and 3 million quotations available in the OED online by visiting: http://catalogue.library.brocku.ca/search~S0?/yo/yo/1%2C25%2C25%2CB/eresource&FF=yoed+online&1%2C1%2C

OED Online