Brock, province launch online program to help smokers get fit and chill out

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Brock, province launch online program to help smokers get fit and chill out

Published on October 06 2010

The Government of Ontario and researchers at Brock University launched a new online program today that will help young smokers avoid smoking, be more physically active and cope with stress.

Earlier this year, the “Quit Run Chill” program received $26,000 from the Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport’s Healthy Communities Fund for the development, dissemination and initial pilot testing of the project. It is now being promoted on virtually all post-secondary campuses in Ontario and in many communities.

“This initiative will help older youth and young adults establish and sustain a pattern of physical activity that will facilitate smoking cessation and reduce stress,” said Kelli-an Lawrance, associate professor, Community Health Sciences, Brock University. "Following the program on its own, or in combination with quitting, will ultimately reduce an individual’s risk of hypertension, Type 2 diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases and contribute to positive mental health."

Leave The Pack Behind (LTPB), a province-wide peer-to-peer smoking cessation initiative housed at Brock University and funded through the Government of Ontario’s Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy, maintains the program.

LTPB operates at all universities and almost all public colleges in Ontario and reaches more than 500,000 students, which accounts for 50 per cent of older youth/young adults in the province.

“Quit Run Chill is yet another innovative Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport approach delivered by Leave the Pack Behind which assists Ontario’s youth in living a smoke-free life. I am pleased that our government supports initiatives that encourage our youth to stop smoking, and offers constructive, peer-based, healthy options to help cope with quitting,” said Margarett Best, Minister of Health Promotion and Sport.

Post-secondary students, supported by Brock researchers and other expert consultants designed “Quit Run Chill.” The program is self-directed and includes eight weeks of fresh information, ideas and inspirations about quitting smoking, being active and reducing stress.

  • Quit: a proven self-help smoking cessation program, information about quitting options, and strategies for managing nicotine withdrawal
  • Run: an eight-week progressive running program for new runners and a downloadable instruction manual
  • Chill: tips for immediate and long-term relief of stress and weekly stress management ideas and inspirations

“Quit Run Chill” is interactive; facts, tips and inspirations are updated weekly. It is also highly personalized; registrants receive tailored weekly emails and can record, track and review their running (and quitting) progress online.