Cairns family gift will have $10 million impact on Brock research complex

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Cairns family gift will have $10 million impact on Brock research complex

Published on September 09 2010

Today Brock University announced a gift from the Cairns family of St. Catharines that will have a $10 million impact on building the university’s health and bioscience research complex.

The generous support of the Cairns family — led by patriarch Roy, a long-time builder and friend of the university, and his son Jeff, a Brock graduate and longtime supporter of the public wellbeing — will help transform Niagara to the new-knowledge economy.

In tribute to the Cairns family, Brock will re-name its health and bioscience research complex the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Complex.

“Make no mistake, generations of individuals and families in our community will have more opportunities, and will be collectively better off, because of the vision and the generosity of the Cairns family,” said President Jack Lightstone. “And now today we have a gift that helps the university fulfill the promise of the women and men like Roy Cairns, who had a vision in the early sixties of what Brock could, and must be, to help change the future of the community.”

Students and researchers within the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Complex will build upon Brock’s economic strengths to create applied knowledge that will develop new and diverse industries and advance scientific capabilities in Niagara and beyond.

Projected to be complete by 2012, the complex will be a 176,530-square-foot, $111.4-million world-class facility that will provide support for four Canada Research Chairs and several award-winning researchers in biotechnology, green chemistry, plant pathology and health and wellness.

The Cairns Complex will play a key role in advancing Canada’s science and technology infrastructure. In addition to groundbreaking research, the facility will house a business incubator for start-up businesses to capitalize on the innovative research and knowledge transfer undertaken at the university and in the community.

Jeffrey R. Cairns, Roy Cairns, Jack Lightstone

From left to right, Lieutenant-Colonel Jeffrey R. Cairns; Roy Cairns, Chairman, Charlesway Corporation, and Senior Counsel, Chown, Cairns LLP, St. Catharines, Ont. (retired); and Brock University President Jack Lightstone standing in front of an artist’s rendering of the new Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Complex under construction at the university