New PhD programme in Interdisciplinary Humanities

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New PhD programme in Interdisciplinary Humanities

Published on August 25 2010

The Ontario Council for Graduate Studies has given approval for the Ph.D. programme in Interdisciplinary Humanities to commence and admit students in September 2011.

Brock’s University’s Interdisciplinary Humanities Doctoral Program provides students with a focused context in which to engage with topics integral to the contested notions of knowledge, values and creativity as reflected in the specific fields of Critique and Social Transformation, Culture and Aesthetics,Digital Humanities and Ways of Knowing.

The program is committed to providing a rigourous interdisciplinary environment that nurtures scholarly and creative activity. Such endeavours aim to investigate the past as well influence the ways in which reflection and creation contribute to the further unfolding of society in the future.

Students pursuing Brock University’s Interdisciplinary Doctoral Humanities Program will have the opportunity to collaborate across disciplines and to associate with wider communities of inquiry. Upon completion of the program, individuals will be prepared for continued research and teaching, or for professions requiring abilities in disciplined study, critical discernment, and robust application of creative insight.