Construction will close footpaths outside Chown D block

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Construction will close footpaths outside Chown D block

Published on June 21 2010

From Monday, June 21 through June 28, pedestrian access will be disrupted along the south side of Mackenzie Chown complex due to preparation work for the footbridge that will connect Chown D Block to the new Niagara Health and Bioscience Research Complex (NHBRC) building.

The task involves removing exterior glass and cladding on the southwest side of Chown D Block.

The work will occur in two phases: one on the exterior of the building and the next phase on the interior 300 level of D Block. To accommodate this, a hoarding wall 15 feet long and about 6 inches high will be installed in the 300-level corridor outside of rooms D308, D322 and D321. No disruptions to interior pedestrian traffic are anticipated, but noise and vibration will be experienced.

However, the outside walkway on the south side of D Block — the footpath along the base of the building — will be closed from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. June 21 through June 28. This is to ensure public safety. The walkway will be open outside of these noted hours.

As well, the footpath south of the D Block building walkway — which currently allows access along the front of D, C and B Blocks and swings south towards the NHBRC building, then back directly north towards D Block — will be closed to pedestrians in order to accommodate other work.

Closure of both D Block exterior footpaths means pedestrians needing to access these buildings between June 21 to 28 will be redirected to the exterior entrance between D and F Blocks, enabling them to access inside corridors.

After June 28, the D Block footpath against the building will be reopened, and access from the exterior to D, C and B Blocks will be restored.

Directional signage will be installed to show accessible routes through buildings from D Block through to A Block, Taro, Thistle and Schmon Tower.

Click here to download a PDF map of the affected areas