Brock student headed for internship in South Africa

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Brock student headed for internship in South Africa

Published on May 26 2011

Leigh Pritchard, a graduate student in the Faculty of Education, will take part in a summer internship program at one of our South African partner institutions, North-West University. Leigh, who currently works as an academic co-ordinator (Grammar) in ESL Services is also a PhD student in Brock’s Joint PhD in Educational Studies.

The internship is an international opportunity provided by the Students for Development (SFD) program which supports senior-level university students to participate in a wide range of internships or placements in developing countries, for a minimum of three months. It is administered by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).  Leigh’s internship work will focus on one of CIDA’s themes of securing the future of children and youth.

Very shortly in July, Brock will welcome Prof. Cornelia Roux, director of research for the Faculty of Education Sciences at North-West University.  While at Brock, Roux will work closely with Dolana Mogadime in the Faculty of Education, as well as meet with other faculty in Education and in the Department of Child and Youth Studies to learn more about researchers at Brock.


Both visits are managed and coordinated by Brock International as part of its mandate of strengthening international academic linkages and facilitating international project development for Brock.




Leigh Pritchard