Unity Games Celebrated!

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Unity Games Celebrated!

Published on April 16 2010

PEKN faculty and students, joined by staff from Youth University, helped 150 local children celebrate the World Health Organization’s Health Week on April 10 in Brock’s Bob Davis Gymnasium. More than 40 volunteers organized and ran Niagara’s first Unity Games.

Organized into teams named for life skills and values such as Cooperation, Leadership, Communication, and Inclusion, the teams made the rounds of ten novel physically active games designed to promote the joy of healthy, active living. 


Among the volunteer team were 17 senior Physical Education students preparing for their journey to El Salvador in May where, as part of their experience, they will collaborate with Physical Education students from Universidad Pedagogica to run El Salvador’s fourth annual Unity Games.

PEKN professor Dr James Mandigo has led the creation and development of the Unity Games concept as a way of highlighting the power of active play to teach values and life skills children need to make healthy choices in their lives.

“Events like the Unity Games showcase the need for Physical Education everyday in our schools”, said Dr Mandigo. “Our profession is about more than just physical activity – we are trying to help children become physically literate for life and there’s no better way to do that than to experience what they can learn in activities like the ones they play during the Unity Games.”

For more information about the Unity Games, contact Dr. James Mandigo (jmandigo@brocku.ca)

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group of student participants in their Unity Game T-shirts and holding a banner.
Brock University Hosts the Unity Games

For more information about the Unity Games, contact Dr. James Mandigo jmandigo@brocku.ca