Program Syllabus

Brock Mentorship Program

Program Syllabus


Each student, with their secondary school teacher, will have their initial meeting with their mentor to:

  • discuss and select possible research question(s) for investigation
  • establish mentor-designated expectations for student acquisition of background knowledge and laboratory skills prerequisite to the investigation, and
  • detail the necessary course of background reading.


  • WHMIS Training:  Attend a course on WHMIS training at the University.
  • Brock Library Orientation and Electronic Search System Seminars:  Attend two library seminars presented by University Library personnel; one which includes information about the learning resources that the Library has to offer, and the second concentrates on how to conduct electronic searches including the employment of Science databases.  Students are then given library borrowing privileges congruent to those granted to university students.  In addition, Library personnel are available to assist Mentorship students at any time during normal operating hours.


  • Mentorship Orientation Event:  This event is the first of two presentations to be delivered by Mentorship students to their Brock mentors, fellow proteges, teachers, participating Brock graduate students and parents.  Proteges are required to prepare and present a two minute Power Point summary of what their research project will entail.


  • Mentorship Symposium Event:  Final protege research findings are rendered to the same invited audience as the Orientation event in October.  The symposium is designed to mirror the format used at professional science conferences; a twenty minute presentation followed by a ten minute question and answer period.  Teachers are invited to bring prospective Mentorship candidates to the Symposium.


  • Niagara Regional Science and Engineering Fair:  Proteges are strongly encouraged to present their completed projects at the Niagara Regional Science and Engineering Fair.

  The September training sessions, October Mentorship Orientation and the
February Mentorship Symposium are normally held during the third week of each of those months.