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Mathematics (MICA)


OUAC Code:
Bachelor of Science
4-Year BSc (Honours) MICA
4-Year BSc (Honours) MICA Co-op
Program Description:
Are you looking for an exciting mathematics program that makes full use of computers and information technology? Then have a look at our MICA (Mathematics Integrated with Computers and Applications) program. This innovative program fully integrates computers and applications into a broad range of courses in pure mathematics (the study of mathematics for its own sake), applied mathematics (mathematics for applications) or statistics. MICA is a unique cutting-edge program that gives you a solid foundation in mathematics and shows you how to apply what you have learned using technology. In your third and fourth year, you can gain valuable work experience through our MICA Co-op or MICA with a Concentration in Statistics Co-op programs.

You also have the option of specializing to obtain an area of concentration in Pure Mathematics, Statistics, Applied and Computational Mathematics or Mathematics Education. You may also choose to do a combined honours degree with another discipline, such as our BSc Honours Computer Science and Mathematics Co-op program. 

As a student interested in mathematics in education, you may explore several options. We offer two Concurrent education degree options, with courses specially designed to meet the needs of mathematics teachers. For more information, see the Faculty of Education. Also available are two minors for you intending to become teachers. You may choose a minor in Elementary Teaching Mathematics or a minor in Secondary Teaching Mathematics. 

A minor in Mathematics is also available if you wish to obtain an overview of mathematics while pursuing your degree in another subject area.

• math teacher
• business analyst
• research consultant
• applied mathematician
• statistician
• pure mathematician
* Please note that some careers may require additional professional or graduate qualifications.


Entrance Requirements:
MHF4U, MCV4U (min. 75% in each math). Strongly recommended subject: ENG4U.
Expected Cut-off:
Mid 70s
Program Plan:
To see the courses that you will be taking within this program check the online Undergraduate Course Calendar
MICA Student

For more information contact
Heather Bellisario, Academic Advisor
905-688-5550 x4102