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OUAC Code:
Bachelor of Science
4-Year BSc (Honours) Environmental Geosciences
4-Year BSc (Honours) Environmental Geosciences Co-op
Program Description:
Environmental geoscientists apply their unique understanding of the Earth’s composition, structure and physical processes to protect the environment and predict geologic and hydrologic hazards. Using studies that balance fieldwork, laboratory analyses, and theoretical studies of interactions between air, water and earth materials, you seek to advance our fundamental understanding of Earth processes and systems, and apply this understanding to society’s needs and problems. 

The Niagara Peninsula and a large part of Ontario lie within the watershed of the Great Lakes, the Earth’s largest freshwater ecosystem. Studies have found more than 360 toxic chemicals in the Great Lakes ecosystem that are destructive to aquatic ecosystems and potentially dangerous to human health. New geoscientists, trained in the environmental disciplines, will be required to meet environmental and resource management challenges. Current trends suggest that in North America, employment in the environmental geoscience disciplines will grow faster than the average for all occupations.

All four-year degree programs examine the interrelationships between earth materials, the atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere, and the impact of human activities from a physical science perspective. A key element of these programs is the emphasis on training in both laboratory and field techniques and interpretive methods; all are essential for graduates to compete effectively for both government and private sector positions in the environmental disciplines. The honours program also provides the preparation for graduate study in specializations such as hydrology, environmental geochemistry, and groundwater geology. 

Our Environmental Geosciences Co-op program will allow you to gain valuable work experience by combining academic and work terms over five years. With Co-op you’ll complete four academic terms prior to beginning your first work placement. 

In Ontario and throughout Canada, a license is required to practice as a Professional Geoscientist. Brock’s Environmental Geoscience honours and major degree programs are designed to comply with the educational requirements for licensing as a geoscientist-in-training, the licensing classification that leads to the P.Geo. designation established by the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario.


• hydrologist (P.Geo.)
• groundwater geologist (P.Geo.)
• environmental geoscientist (P.Geo.)
• environmental consultant 
• conservation officer/park warden

 * Please note that some careers may require additional professional or graduate qualifications.


Entrance Requirements:
MHF4U or MCV4U (min. 70%), SCH4U (min. 70%), two from SBI4U, SPH4U, SES4U, a second 4U math or ENG4U. Strongly recommended subjects: ENG4U.

Applicants with 65-69% in SCH4U will be considered for admission, but will be required to pass a chemistry proficiency test or complete Introductory Chemistry (CHEM 1P00) prior to enrolling in CHEM 1F92. 

Expected Cut-off:
Mid 70s
Program Plan:
To see the courses that you will be taking within this program check the online Undergraduate Course Calendar
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For more information contact
Heather Bellisario, Academic Advisor
905-688-5550 x4102