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OUAC Code:
Bachelor of Science
4-Year BSc (Honours) Biotechnology
4-Year BSc (Honours) Biotechnology Co-op
Program Description:
In the Biotechnology program you will be on the forefront of research in this exciting and knowledge-based industry. You’ll take courses in biological sciences, chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology to explore the use of living organisms to produce goods and services for practical and industrial purposes. 

Career opportunities in biotechnology are expanding rapidly due to a dramatic increase in global market demands for biotechnology products. Biotechnology has been around us for years; for example, in the fermentation of wine and beer, and the making of bread and cheese. As a modern biotechnologist, you’ll learn new applications using new scientific tools, including recombinant DNA technology, genetic and protein engineering, cell fusion, and gene cloning and expression.

The Biotechnology Co-op program allows you to combine academic and work terms and gain valuable work experience. As a co-op student, your degree will be completed in five years, and will include three four-month work terms. You’ll complete four academic terms before beginning your first work placement.

• medicine
• veterinary medicine
• teaching at all levels
• patent lawyer
• pharmacology/pharmacy/bio-pharmaceuticals
• research and development
• human and veterinary medicine
• dentistry
• pharmaceutical sales and marketing

 * Please note that some careers may require additional professional or graduate qualifications.


Entrance Requirements:
MHF4U or MCV4U (min. 70%), SCH4U (min. 70%), two from SBI4U, SPH4U, SES4U, a second 4U math or ENG4U. Strongly recommended subjects: ENG4U.

Applicants with 65-69% in SCH4U will be considered for admission, but will be required to pass a chemistry proficiency test or complete Introductory Chemistry (CHEM 1P00) prior to enrolling in CHEM 1F92. 

Expected Cut-off:
Mid 70s
Program Plan:
To see the courses that you will be taking within this program check the online Undergraduate Course Calendar
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For more information contact
Heather Bellisario, Academic Advisor
905-688-5550 x4102