Funding Request Form

Please note the following:

1. Application deadlines are April 30 and November 30.
2. All funding requests are to be made at least three months prior to the date for which funds are required. (e.g. if funds are required for September, the application must be received in advance of the April 30 deadline)
3. You are encouraged to attach a letter of support from your Department Chair/Director.

Funding Request Form


Include nature and estimate of expenditures to be incurred. Please provide the Dean's Office with supporting documentation (i.e. itinerary, budgets, etc.)

Please indicate amount(s).

Benefits of this request

Please indicate the direct and/or indirect benefits to each of the following, as applicable.

(e.g. increased enrolments, enhanced delivery method, etc.)

(e.g. assists in recruitment, reduces space requirements, etc.)

(e.g. reputation, awareness, etc.)


Please attach any supporting documentation (e.g. letter of support, budget, etc.)


By submitting this request, I understand that within three months of the use of the funds I am also required to submit the online Funding Request Follow-up Report that details the benefits provided.

Funding Request Follow-up Report:

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