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Undergraduate Programs

Mathematics Integrated with Computers and Applications

Are you looking for an exciting mathematics program that makes full use of computers and information technology? Then MICA: Mathematics Integrated with Computers and Applications is the program for you. MICA is a cutting edge mathematics program, the only program of its kind in Canada, which fuses a traditional mathematics program with innovative computer applications to provide a unique learning experience.
Within the MICA program, you also have the option of declaring a concentration in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, or mathematics education. If you are looking for an up-to-date mathematics program that puts you in the forefront of technology, then the Brock MICA program is made for you.

Other Undergraduate Program Options:


  • Co-op Program in MICA: for students who want to gain valuable work experience during their undergraduate career.  Available for both MICA and MICA (Concentration: Statisitcs) programs.
  • BSc/BEd Concurrent Programs: for students interested in mathematics education.  Concurrent BSc/BEd (Intermediate/Senior) Mathematics and BSc Integrated Studies/BEd (Junior/Intermediate) programs are available.
  • Combined Major Program: for students interested in combining a mathematics major with another major from the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, or Physics.
  • Minor Program: for students majoring in another discipline, but who would like to incorporate a minor in Mathematics, or a minor in either Elementary Teaching Mathematics or Secondary Teaching Mathematics (for furture teachers).
  • Certificate in Statistics: for students working towards a degree in another discipline.