E-Brock Bugs© Hall of Fame

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E-Brock Bugs© Hall of Fame


CONGRATULATIONS to all our heroes and heroines who have saved Bug City!


15. Will it be you?

14. Canming and Jessica 'LOL', Grade 11 students, Scarborough (Canada), 12 May, 2014.

13. Vivian Liu 'V', Grade 12 student, Scarborough (Canada), 4 May 2014

12. Nelson 'Bumblebee', Mr Chan, Toronto (Canada), 13 December 2013

11. Steve Karavos 'Karavos', 4th year Brock business student, St.Catharines (Canada), 30 October 2013

10. Paul Taylor 'TallPaul', 4th year Brock Concurrent Education student, St.Catharines (Canada), 25 October 2013

9. Kristin Engel 'Kristin', Brock BSc/BEd 4th year Student, St.Catharines (Canada), 22 October 2013

8. Zofia Mulica 'Zophia', Brock University Student, Georgetown (Canada), 22 October 2013

7. Lee-Anne Taylor 'lee-anne', Brock University Student, St.Catharines (Canada), 20 October 2013

6. Raven Matthews 'Raven', Brock University Student, Niagara Falls (Canada), 18 October 2013

5. Wynter Jordan 'Wynter', Brock University Student,St.Catharines (Canada), 17 October 2013

4. Stephanie Milberry 'Steph M', Brock University Student, Stevenville (Canada), 14 October 2013

3. Jonathan Veens 'Jonathan', 4th year Brock University student, St.Catharines (Canada), 12 October 2013

2. Neil Marshall 'Neil', Ph.D. student in mathematics, Niagara Falls (Canada), 12 September 2013

"This was tremendous fun. I couldn't stop playing." (Neil Marshall)

1. Laura Broley 'Bumble', E-Brock Bugs Designer and First Heroine, Bari (Canada), August 2013


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