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E-Brock Bugs Computer Game


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[WARNING. In this first version of E-Brock Bugs, you CANNOT save your work: after exiting the game, you have to start at the beginning and, in order to rescue Bug City, defeat all the Bullies again... so, just don't turn off your computer until you've rescued Bug City! Oh, and it might take you about 2 hours to get to save Bug City...]

Since the beginning of time, Bug City had been a peaceful place to live, where even the simplest of bugs felt right at home. Then, one day, the city was invaded by an evil band of Bullies that is controlled from afar by the all powerful Dr. P. Each of the six districts that make up the city was quickly transformed into a wasteland; what was once lively and bright now stood cold in the darkest of shades. But, the situation is not entirely hopeless, for the player of E-Brock Bugs is the hero that Bug City has been waiting for! 

Do you have what it takes to save Bug City?

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E-Brock Bugs©, created by Laura Broley (2013) with Chantal Buteau and Eric Muller, is a computer game with roots originating in Brock Bugs,a probabilistic board game made by Eric Muller in early 1980s. 

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E-Brock Bugs© Laura Broley, Chantal Buteau, Eric Muller, 2013