Special Help Sessions

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Special Help Sessions

MATH 1P01/1P02 and 1P05/1P06: Facilitated Study Sessions
The Math Learning Centre will be running Facilitated Study Sessions for students registered in MATH 1P01/1P02 or MATH 1P05/1P06.  These weekly, drop-in study sessions will provide students with the opportunity to review course-specific material, discuss difficult concepts and try relevant practice questions.  This is a great way for students to stay on top of course material by offering guaranteed study time!

The Facilitated Study Sessions are offered in the fall and winter semesters.  A schedule will be posted at the beginning of each term.
MATH 1P01/1P05 Facilitated Study Sessions Fall 2014
The Facilitated Study Sessions for combined MATH 1P01/1P05 for the Fall 2014 term will be held every Monday, 5 - 6:30pm in MCD 300 starting October 6th.  Please drop-in as often as you can!
Questions can be directed to Neil Marshall (nmarshall@brocku.ca or ext. 3138).


 Inverse Trig Functions Workshop

Math 1P05 and Math 1P01 students are invited to an inverse trig functions workshop to be held in MCJ 430 on Wednesday, October 22nd, 5:00-6:00 pm. We will explore functions like arctan (x) and arcsin (x), discuss their properties and do some examples.

Please contact Neil Marshall (nmarshall@brocku.ca or ext 3138) to register. Registration is mandatory if you wish to participate and if there are not enough registrations, the workshop may be cancelled.