Mathematics Learning Centre

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematics Learning Centre

The Mathematics Learning Centre provides free, drop-in help for students registered in first-year mathematics courses.  Questions regarding course concepts or material can be discussed with course-specific Teaching Assistants, who are available at select times each week.  Workshops or special help sessions are also offered by the Mathematics Learning Centre throughout each semester.  As well, students registered in any mathematics course are encouraged to use the Learning Centre as space for independent or group study.

Location: Mackenzie Chown Complex, J-block , Room 434 (MC J 434)

Hours of Operation: 9:00am - 4:00pm, Monday to Friday

Winter 2016 Schedule

*"All courses" help sessions service the following courses: MATH 1P01, MATH 1P02, MATH 1P05, MATH 1P06, MATH 1P98, MATH 1P97, MATH 1P11, MATH 1P12, MATH 1F92, MATH 1P20, MATH 1P66, MATH 1P67


Contact Information

Questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding the Mathematics Learning Centre can be confidentially addressed to:

Neil Marshall, Mathematics Development Programs Coordinator
Phone: (905) 688 - 5550 x 3138
Office: MC J 401

Additional Resources

Students who may be interested in hiring a private tutor can contact Margaret Thomson (, in the Department of Mathematics main office (MC J 415), for a list of potential tutors.  It is highly recommended that students seeking a private tutor first speak to their course instructor, and/or the Department of Mathematics main office, before contacting outside sources.

A-Z Learning Services, through the Student Development Centre, also provides drop-in math help, which focusses on learning strategies and problem-solving techniques.  Students can visit their website for the drop-in help schedule, as well as a list of informative workshops.