MSc Mathematics & Statistics

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MSc Mathematics & Statistics


Why Choose This Program?

Research at Brock

Students enrolled in our program have access to SHARCNET, a network of high performance computers with access to cutting edge expertise and infrastructure in high performance computing.

Brock excels in research. We are among top-ranking university mathematics programs in Ontario in terms of research publications. Students have the opportunity to get close and direct contact with supervisors as our faculty members supervise typically 1-2 graduate students at a time.



Among the strengths of our program the following ones are especially worth mentioning:

  • The Mathematics Department’s tradition of individual excellence in publications and research has been strengthened by the appointment of nine new faculty members since 1999. In research output the Department is currently in the top three in its category among Ontario universities as ranked by Canadian University Publications.
  • Students will find a lively intellectual environment and friendly atmosphere where they will have one-on-one interaction with Graduate Faculty members and exposure to a wide range of research fields, including a number of overlapping areas of special strength in Statistical Analysis, Computational Analysis of Differential Equations and Discrete Dynamical Systems, Computational Algebra and Number Theory, Computational Topics in Mathematical Physics and Mathematics Education.
  • Numerous research visitors come to the Mathematics Department every year from internationally leading universities, and faculty actively participate in national and international research conferences and workshops.
  • Normally, all full-time students (both domestic and international) will be offered competitive financial support consisting of a graduate fellowship, a teaching assistantship, plus a research stipend from a Graduate Faculty supervisor. The amount of support aims to cover all fees, tuition, and living expenses.


3 minute thesis