Recent Graduate Student Projects

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Recent Graduate Student Projects

Numbers following the title indicate Brock Reports in Mathematics and Statistics numbers.


  • Beili Zheng, Joint Models on the Impact of Lipids Change Over Time on the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease.  BRMS 130410-2 (advisors: J. Vrbik and Wai Kong Yuen)
  • Clarence Deladem Kalitsi, Approximate Sampling Distributions of the Parameter Estimators in the AR (1)-model.  BRMS 130410-1 (advisor: Wai Kong Yuen)
  • Mark Krzeminski, Optimal Designs for Acceleratedc Life Tests with Multiple Stress Factors.  BRMS 130206-1 (advisor X. Xu)


  • Muhammad Tariq Javed, Permutation Polynomials over Finite Fields.  BRMS 121128-1 (advisors O. Kihel and A. Odesskii)
  • Kivilcim Alkan, Inelastic curve flows in 2- and 3- dimensional Minkowskian space and their generalization to higher dimensional Minkowskian space. BRMS 121109-1 (advisors S. Anco and A. Odesskii)
  • Majid Karimi, Square Root Finding in Graphs.  BRMS 121018-1 (advisor B. Farzad)
  • Abdus Sattar Mia, Complex MKDV Solitons with Time Varying Phase.  BRMS 120824-01 (advisor S. Anco)
  • Neil Marshall, Contextualizing the Learning Activity of Designing and Experimenting with Interactive, Dynamic Mathematics Exploratiory Objects.  BRMS 120823-01 (advisor C. Buteau)
  • Erika Sindelar,  Implementing a Bayesian Longitudinal Model on the Relation of Cholesterol levels and Risk of Developing Coronary Heart Disease.  BRMS 120809-04 (advisors J. Yuen and M. L. Huang)
  • Amy Ching,  Efficiency of the t-walk.  BRMS 120809-03 (advisor J. Yuen)
  • Xiang Yan,  On Methods of Confidence Intervals of High Quantiles.  BRMS 120809-02 (advisor M. L. Huang)
  • Vincenzo Coia, On Estimation of Extreme Value Distributions, BRMS 120809-01 (advisor  M .L. Huang)
  • Md Abdus Samad Bhuiyan, Application of the Schouten brackets in computation of Poisson Cohomology.  BRMS 120427-01 (advisors A. Odesskii and T. Wolf)
  • Scott Hunt, Robust Designs for Accelerted Life Testing Models with a Step-Stress Plan.  BRMS 120423-03 (advisor X. Xu)
  • Emmanuel Nkingi, Confidence Regions for Parameters of Negative Binomial Distribution. BRMS 120423-02 (advisor J. Vrbik)
  • Youwei Chen, On High Quantile Estimation Methods. BRMS 120423-1 (advisor M. L. Huang)


  • Steven MacNaughton, Computation of symmetries and conservation laws of nonlinear wave equations by computer algebra.  BRMS 110902-1 (advisors S. Anco, T. Wolf)
  • Mohammad Mohiuddin, Symmetry investigations of supersymmetric evolutionary PDEs,   BRMS 110825-1 (advisors T. Wolf, S. Anco)
  • Yi Cao, Modelling of Language Inflection Graphs, BRMS 110802-1 (advisors H. Fukś, B. Farzad)
  • Erin Kox,  Elliptic Curves and Diophantine Equations, BRMS 110802-1 (advisor O. Kihel)
  • Nestor Tchegoum Ngatat, Two-Solition Solutions of Complex MKDV Equations and Their Asymptotoc Analysis, BRMS 110624-1 (advisor S. Anco)
  • Xiaoying Pan, On B (5,k) Groups, BRMS 110609-1 (advisor Y. Li)
  • Andrew Skelton, Response Curves of Deterministic and Probabilistic Cellular Automata in One and Two Dimenstions, BRMS 110519-1 (advisor H. Fukś)
  • Arnold Chen, Robust Optimal Designs for Nonlinear Regression, BRMS 110421-1     (advisor X. Xu)
  • Xiaoyu Chen, Modified Huber Function in Case of Asymmetry, BRMS 110421-2 (advisor X. Xu)
  • Tanbing Yan, Efficiencies of MCMC and AMCMC, BRMS 110421-3 (advisor J. Yuen)
  • Christopher E. Hockey, Lattice Animal Conservation and Phase Transitions in 2D Cellular   Automata, BRMS 110420-1 (advisor H. Fukś)
  • Samaneh Malekan, The von Neumann Minimax Theorem and Its Relatives and A Study of Externality in On-line Auctions BRMS 110120-1 (advisors H. Ben-El-Mechaiek and B. Farzad)


  • Chi Ho Cheung,   Approximate Confidence Region for Parameter of Generalized Pareto Distribution BRMS 100823-2 (advisors J. Vrbik and M. L. Huang)
  • Val Andrei Fajardo, On Confidence Regions for High Quantiles of a Heavy Tailed Distribution BRMS 100823-1 (advisor M. L. Huang)
  • Jason Lizotte,   On the height of algebraic numbers BRMS 100816-1 (advisor: Omar Kihel)
  • Jessica Van Druten,  A Parametric Family of Dihedral Extensions of Degree 12 over Q and an independent system of Units BRMS  100625-1 (advisor: Omar Kihel)
  • Xiaoli Shang, Optimal Designs for Fourier Regression Models BRMS 100125-1 (advisor: Xiaojian Xu)
  • Bryan Christopher, Bounding Convergence Rates of Stochastically Monotone Markov Chains and Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithms BRMS 100113-1 (advisor: John Yuen)
  • Dmitry Tashnev, On Quantile Regression BRMS 100111-1 (advisor: M. L. Huang and Xiaojian Xu)


  • Holly Falsetti, On Tail Index Estimation of Heavy-Tailed Distributions BRMS 090921-1 (advisor:  Mei Ling Huang)
  • Kylie Maheu, Confidence Regions for Parameters of the Gamma Distribution BRMS 090917-01 (advisor: Jan Vrbik)
  • Theresa Conroy, On Estimation of Extreme Values in Survival Analysis BRMS 090914-01 (advisor: Mei Ling Huang)
  • Yilan Tan, Groups with Small Squaring Property  BRMS 090807-01 (advisor: Yuanlin Li)
  • Yiming Zhang, Higher order symmetris and recursion operators of super-symmetric PDE System BRMS 090706-01 (advisor: Thomas Wolf)
  • Lin Zhao, Robust Regression Designs for Wavelet Approximation Models BRMS 090107-01 (advisor:  Xiaojian Xu)


  • Jennifer Vigliotta Edgeworth Expansion Applied to ML estimators of Parameters of the Cauchy Distribution BRMS 080810-01 (advisor: J. Vrbik)
  • M. Krzeminski Linguistic Applications of Random Graph Models BRMS 080827-01 (advisor: H. Fuks)
  • Steven Graham Finite Element Approximations to Rearrangements BRMS 080828-01 (advisor: R. Kerman)
  • Scott Greenhalgh Maple Animations of Nonlinear Waves & Computer Algebra Computation of Fluid Flow Conservation Laws BRMS 080901-01(advisor: S. Anco)
  • Miao Zhang On Confidence Intervals of a Quantile BRMS 080904-01 (advisor: Mei-Ling Huang and John Yuen)
  • Zheng Zhang On High Quantile Estimation for Heavy Tailed Distributions BRMS 080905-01 (advisor: Mei-Ling Huang)


  • Jacqueline L. Fisher Estimation of Survival and Hazard Functions BRMS 071010-01 (advisor: Mei-Ling Huang)
  • Ke Zhao, On Inverse Power Law and Risk Analysis BRMS 071010-02 (advisor: Mei-Ling Huang)
  • Luo Wang Sampling distributions of estimators related to Markov model BRMS 071023-01 (advisor: Jan Vrbik)