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Recent Graduate Student Projects

Alumni Profiles

Chris Plyley – A Master of Science student from 2007-2009 who was under the supervision of Yuanlin Li. While at Brock, he won Distinguished Graduating Student Award, Dean of Graduate Studies Spring Research Fellowship, and G.Ronald Brown Graduate Award. He published two joint papers with Y. Li in the top journals in number theory. After graduating, he went to Western University in London, Ontario to pursue a Ph.D in mathematics, specializing in algebra and won NSERC Postgraduate Doctoral Scholarship.

Andrew Skelton – A Master of Science student from 2009-2011 who was under the supervision of Henryk Fukś. His research on cellular automata resulted in two journal articles and two conference papers jointly published with H. Fukś. Andrew received Governor General’s Gold Medal in July 2012, awarded to the student who achieves the highest academic standing at the graduate level. He is currently pursuing his Ph. D. degree at University of Guelph.

Arnold Chen - A Master of Science student from August 2009 to July 2011, who was under the supervision of Xiaojian Xu. He conducted research on robust designs for nonlinear models, and published (jointly with X. Xu) a conference paper outlining his results. He is currently a Research and Development Manager at Shanghai MVS Technology CO., LTD.

Positions Held by Some Recent Graduates

The MSc program in Mathematics and Statistics began in 2006, with the first class of students graduated in 2008.The following is a list of positions held by some of our MSc graduates:

  • Risk Modeling Analyst, TD Bank, Toronto
  • Computer Programmer, MKS software Company, Waterloo
  • Actuarial Assistant, Trans America Life Company, Toronto
  • Academic Sales Representatives, Maplesoft, Waterloo
  • PhD student in Mathematics, University of Western Ontario
  • PhD student in Mathematics, University of Alberta 
  • General Manager, Awaking Great Image, Toronto
  • Senior Data Analyst, CIBC, Toronto
  • PhD student in Statistics, University of Calgary
  • Market Analyst, Myron Company, Toronto
  • Instructor, Brock University
  • PhD student in Mathematics, University of Guelph






Future Careers

Career Opportunities for Mathematics Graduates
Graduates with an MSc degree in Mathematics are well prepared for further academic studies, and a number of our graduates choose to continue on for higher qualifications through PhD programs.  Our graduates also develop strong problem-solving skills that makes them highly sought by employers in all areas of industry as well as business and government. Our graduates have a wide range of prospective careers opportunities including research and development (for example in telecommunications and the aircraft industry), financial sector (such as accounting, actuarial positions and market research) and computing and technology (such as operation research, software development, simulations and computer security) to name a few. A sizable proportion of our graduates develop interests and choose a career in teaching mathematics.

Career Opportunities for Statistics Graduates

Graduates with an MSc degree in Statistics develop strong analytical and critical thinking skills in advance statistical analysis, experimental design, stochastic modeling and computational methods. They are well prepared for a wide range of careers in the industry, government and business, such as statisticians, biostatisticians, actuarial positions, data analysts, financial risk analysts for government and financial institutions, public opinion survey researchers, computer systems developers, marketing analysis specialist and teachers, etc. Some graduates choose to pursue PhD studies on some cutting edge research topics in Statistics. Others may choose to further their studies in related fields such as actuarial science, medical research, business administration and education.