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MSc Mathematics & Statistics

"Brock University offers a unique Master of Science program aiming at providing students with an intensive advanced education in areas of Mathematics and Statistics in preparation for further graduate studies or the job market. Our PDF presentation below outlines essential features of the program and profiles of our faculty members available for supervising graduate students." ­-­ Stephen Anco, Graduate Program Director

Graduate Program

Please view the PDF presentation describing our program. If you wish to apply, please go to Admissions page.

Program Description

If you want to pursue advanced studies in Mathematics or Statistics at M.Sc. level, you came to the right place! The MSc program aims to provide students with an intensive advanced education in areas of Mathematics and Statistics in preparation for doctoral studies or the job market. Students can follow either the Mathematics stream or the Statistics stream. In research output, the Department is currently in the top three in its category among Ontario universities as ranked by Canadian University Publications.


We offer two specializations:

Statistics concentration: provides students with a solid training in advanced statistical analysis, computational methods and applications to stochastic models such as statistical inference theory and Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms with extensive and computationally intensive simulation studies. We are currently working on having our M.Sc. graduates certified as Statisticians by the Statistical Society of Canada.

Mathematics concentration: aims at providing students with advanced training in such areas as algebra and number theory, computer algebra algorithms, dynamical systems, partial differential equations and symmetry analysis, functional analysis, solitons and integrable systems, topology, mathematical music theory, mathematics education, and - as a bridge with the Statistics Concentration - probability theory and stochastic processes.





The Mathematics and Statistics program offers flexibility. Students can do the thesis stream (less courses but more substantial research component) or the project stream (more courses and more practical research project). Both streams offer a wide range of possible research topics in either concentration. 

  • Thesis option: Students intending to pursue further graduate studies would normally choose this option.
  • Project option: Students intending to join the job market would normally choose this option.

The normal duration of the M.Sc. program is 24 months. However, completion in 12 months is possible in the Statistics concentration. Part-time option is also possible - please contact us if you are interested in part-time studies.