Spring Course Offerings

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Spring Course Offerings

The following course list reflects the typical and/or previous term in which each course is offered.  Course offerings are subject to change between academic years.  For a complete listing of confirmed course offerings, consult the course timetable.

Undergraduate Calendar

Course Code/Name Spring 2015 Course Instructor
MATH 1P06 - Applied Calculus II  D. Levay
MATH 1P12 - Linear Algebra I  TBA
MATH 1P66* - Mathematical Reasoning  TBA
MATH 1P67^ - Mathematics for Computer Science  TBA
MATH 1P97 - Calculus with Applications  TBA
MATH 1P98 - Practical Statistics  TBA
MATH 2P75 - Introductory Financial Mathematics  TBA
MATH 2P98 - Applied Statistics  TBA

* - indicates Duration 2 (D2 - May - June); ^ - indicates Duration 3 (D3 - June - July).  All other courses are Duration 1 (D1 - May - July).