Graduate Program

Department of Earth Sciences

Graduate Program


I highly recommend the Earth Sciences MSc as a pathway to a rewarding future.  Our graduates are well-prepared for satisfying professional careers and many go on to PhD programs at institutions around the world. – Mariek Schmidt, Graduate Program Director

Program Description 
The MSc in Earth Sciences includes completion of a thesis based on the student’s original research in addition to related courses. Graduate students are supervised at a personal and close level due to the small and selective intake of students admitted into the program each year. The interrelated aspects of the research fields and studies provide both a basic understanding of the geological processes that shaped our Earth and the basic knowledge to formulate trends and predict future and concerns with the changing atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere. Students are active participants in these projects to solve some major geological concerns and processes.

Fields of Study

• Volcanology and igneous petrology • lichen biomonitoring
• Mars geology • marine and terrestrial palynology
• glacial geology and geomorphology • isotope carbonate geochemistry
• Late Cenozoic pale oceanography

• structural geology
• climate change

• watershed geochemistry • Quaternary geology 

Students work closely with their supervisors and other graduate students with similar research interests. Many research topics include a field component and rely on specialized equipment in departmental laboratories.