Emergency Contacts

Department of Chemistry

Emergency Contacts

Campus Security should always be the first contact in the case of an emergency; they will then initiate contact with external emergency responders.  Remember, when contacting emergency services it is important to provide them with a detailed description of your location and the emergency situation.

Campus Security Services - ext. 3200

Emergency Services - 9-1-1

Niagara Regional Police - (905) 688-4111

St. Catharines Fire Department - (905) 684-4311

Thorold Fire Department - (905) 227-6613

St. Catharines General Hospital - (905) 684-7271

Poison Control Centre - 1-800-268-9017


Andy Prankevicius

Research Health & Safety Officer

Ext. 5390 aprankevicius@brocku.ca


Dan Pozzobon

Occupational Health & Safety Officer

Ext. 5994 dpozzobon@brocku.ca


Rick Fraser
Interim Manager, Environment, Health & Safety
Emergency and Life Safety Officer
Ext. 3284 rfraser2@brocku.ca


Leila Vistorte
Biological & Laboratory Safety (Technical) Officer
Ext. 5153 lvistorte@brocku.ca

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