Biotechnology Graduate Program

Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Biotechnology Graduate Program

Yue Wu - Current Student

Supervisor: Charles Després

Area of Research: Plant Biology. Characterization of the Arabidopsis NPR1 protein, a receptor for the major plant defense hormone salicylic acid.

Experience/ Why Brock: I got my B.Sc. degree in China Pharmaceutical University with both a Chemistry and Biology background. A cross-disciplinary program was what I was interested in after graduation. After a conversation with my current supervisor, Charles Després, I chose the Biotechnology program without any doubt. I have learned and used lots of Chemistry and Biology techniques for my project. By using complex skills as well as collaboration with Chemists and Biologists, we achieved a breakthrough in the field of plant-pathogen interactions – discovery of the receptor for salicylic acid, the last of the major plant hormones without a known receptor.
Brock has great faculties in both the Biology and Chemistry Department. I could study and work in both disciplines with the help from other brilliant scientists in various areas. Also, Brock has all of the equipment I need for my research, which provides me with plenty of chances to learn and use different techniques. Besides, Brock locates in the beautiful Niagara Region. I believed that I would have a wonderful life living and studying here as a graduate student.
This cross-disciplinary program is characterized by its diversity in research fields. Chemists and Biologists frequently collaborate and share their distinctive insights into each other’s research. Every student here has the opportunities of being trained into a well-rounded scientist with a broad view of a field of study. I would definitely recommend this program to all prospective students who are seeking multidisciplinary experiences.

Steps Upon Graduation: I will continue my research by working as a post-doc upon graduation. My final goal is to become a professor and run my own lab to do research in plant science.

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