Biotechnology Graduate Program

Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Biotechnology Graduate Program

Jordan Froese – Current Student
Supervisor: Dr. Tomas Hudlicky

Area of Research: Applications of Biocatalysis in Organic Synthesis

Experience/Why Brock: In my high school years, I worked with Dr. Stuart in the biology department at Brock University as a co-op student, which really sparked my interest in research. When I came back to Brock however, it was as a Bachelor of Education student. Having graduated from the University of Toronto with an undergraduate degree in Biology and Chemistry, I had designs on becoming a science teacher. During my time in the bachelor of education program (which was excellent), I became familiar with the research being performed at Brock. I was also lucky enough to get the chance to meet Dr. Hudlicky, who introduced me to the idea of pursuing a graduate degree in Biotechnology. I was very interested in the research being performed in the Hudlicky group, and after a few visits over the summer it was an easy decision to pursue a graduate degree at Brock. The fact that I was coming out of the Bachelor of Education program meant that my recent lab experience was limited, and it was a steep learning curve from day one. In the Hudlicky group however, I received guidance and support from numerous postdoctoral fellows and senior graduate students as well as Dr. Hudlicky himself. With this support and a few late nights, I have gained tremendous practical experience in both biology and chemistry. I have gained experience in operating some of the most advanced technology available for chemical analysis. I have been given the freedom to pursue genuinely exciting research projects both independently and in collaborations.
The unique opportunity provided to me, and the primary reason I chose to pursue graduate work at Brock University, was the chance to work with some of the premier researchers in their respective fields. In my case, that meant the chance to work with Dr. Hudlicky, which has provided me with many opportunities throughout my graduate education that I certainly would not have had elsewhere. In my involvement, I have had the chance to obtain practical lab experience in both chemistry and biology. This should be the primary aim of any biotechnology program, and in my case that has certainly been fulfilled. I could not be happier with the mentorship opportunity that the biotechnology program has provided me.

Steps Upon Graduation: The field of biocatalysis is one that continues to grow, and it is certainly an area of research that I would like to continue to pursue. With my background in education, a professorship would certainly be my ultimate goal. Understanding that a breadth of experience is needed in order to pursue a career in academia, I would like to continue to work in research, whether it be an academic or private setting.

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