Biophysics Coordinator
Thad Harroun, Department of Physics

Ed Sternin, Department of Physics  &
Arthur van de Est, Departments of Chemistry and Physics

Biophysics is the physics of life, of all living systems and their interaction with the surroundings, natural and artificial. It is a rapidly advancing field, encompassing a wide variety of areas in the natural and life sciences and uses all methods of scientific inquiry: theory, experiment and large scale computer simulation to understand living systems at the molecular level.

Brock's biophysics program will provide the students with a superb learning environment and exciting research opportunities. Extended research opportunities are available through Brock's participation in The Interdepartmental Biophysics Group (BIG) based at the University of Guelph.

The interdisciplinary nature of the Biophysics program offers an opportunities to modify the sequence of courses to be taken, to reflect better the interest of the individual students. However, this places a greater onus on the student to make sure that the prerequisites are satisfied, and that a sufficient number of credits at each level is included.


For additional information on the courses and progress schedule, see the program information page.