Undergraduate Field Courses

Department of Biological Sciences

Undergraduate Field Courses

Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology Modules

Brock is part of the Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology (OUPFB). Undergraduate students who register for Biology 3P71 or 3P72, may choose from modules offered by Brock University or other participating universities in different areas in the field of biology. Modules consist of intensive courses, either one or two weeks in length.

A schedule summarizing essential information on titles, dates, locations, and costs of each of the 2016 Modules can be found on the OUPFB website ( http://www.oupfb.ca)

The format and registration procedures for these courses are different from that for regular Brock courses and are described below. If a particular module interests you for 2016, please let us know before December 2015 and we'll attempt to reserve a Brock spot in it.

The modules given by institutions in any given year will often change. Additional costs for transportation, meals, and lodging are listed on the module outlines.


Please read the outline carefully so that you understand what prerequisites are required and what costs will be covered by your payment.

Costs listed DO NOT include the cost of paying tuition for BIOL 3P71/3P72 to Brock University.

A combination of 'first-come, first-served', seniority, and an effort to give each student at least one 'first-choice' is used to determine a student's acceptance into a module.

2016 Application Process

Preliminary deadline: February 5, 2016.

Note: Applications can be taken at any time until the start of a module, but will be dependent upon space being available. Complete the application form http://www.oupfb.ca/documents/form_16.pdf) and submit it together with a $350.00 deposit (payable to Brock University) to Dr. Liette Vasseur in MC F228.

You will be notified after Reading Week whether or not a spot in the requested module is available and reserved for you.

Once you receive confirmation that a spot is reserved for you, you must pay for and register for BIOL 3P71 (or 3P72) in the Brock session in which your module will take place.

Confirmation of Brock course registration must be provided before your placement in the module is guaranteed - even if full module funds have been paid to the host university.

Enrollment Limits

Enrollment is limited in each module. Brock is only given a small number of guaranteed spots in certain courses. However, after the first round of applications, vacancies usually exist and can be filled by students from any university. It is therefore important to apply for a Module even if Brock shows no guaranteed spots – you will be placed on the waiting list and stand a good chance of getting into many modules. Modules may be cancelled if there are too few applications.


YOU MUST REGISTER FOR BIOLOGY 3P71/3P72 like any other Brock credited course. To obtain a half-credit for these courses, a student must complete a total of two weeks of field work plus assignments. This may be accomplished by taking one two-week module or two one-week modules in any given year. It is also possible to take one one-week module in one year and the second one-week module the next year, but credit is not possible until both weeks are completed.

A notation of INC (incomplete) will appear on your transcript until such time as the requirements for half credit have been met and a grade has been received from the course instructor (typically 2-3 months after the end of the module). Students at Brock can take a minimum of half a credit or a maximum of a full credit worth of field courses towards their degree programs.


Assignments vary with the module, but may include preparatory readings, seminars to be given during the module, and usually include an essay or report. Such a report is due four weeks after the end of the module. Read the course description carefully and ask questions of the instructor to be sure of your responsibilities.