Ralph Morris - Publications

Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Ralph Morris - Publications

Dept. of Biological Sciences, Brock University

Research Publications

(a) Colonial   Nesting Waterbirds (1976-2012)

(b) Small   Mammals(1967-1972)

  • Morris, R. D. and P. R. Grant. 1972. Experimental studies of competitive interaction in a two-species system. IV.   Microtus   and   Clethrionomys   species in a single enclosure.   J. Anim. Ecol.   41: 275-290.
  • Morris, R. D. 1972. The effects of endrin on   Microtus   and   Peromyscus. II. Enclosed field populations.   Can. J. Zool.   50: 885-896.
  • Morris, R. D. 1971. Biocides and mammals.   Blue Jay   29: 136-140.
  • Grant, P. R. and R. D. Morris. 1971. The distribution of ,i>Microtus pennsylvanicus within grassland habitat.   Can. J. Zool.   49: 1043-1052.
  • Morris, R. D. 1970. The effects of endrin on   Microtus   and   Peromyscus. I. Unenclosed field populations.   Can. J. Zool.   48: 695-708.
  • Morris, R. D. 1969. Competitive exclusion between   Microtus   and   Clethrionomys   in the aspen parkland of Saskatchewan.   J. Mammal.   50: 291-301.
  • Morris, R. D. 1968. The effects of endrin feeding on survival and longevity in the deer mouse,   Peromyscus maniculatus.   Can. J. Zool.   46: 951-958.
  • Morris, R. D. 1968. A comparison of capture success between Sherman and Longworth live traps.   Can. Field Natur.   82: 84-87.
  • Morris, R. D. 1967. A note on the homing behaviour of   Peromyscus maniculatus osgoodi.   Can. Field Natur.   81: 225-226.
  • Morris, R. D. 1967. Unusual earless deermice.   Blue Jay   25: 132-133.