Graduate Studies in Biology

Department of Biological Sciences

Graduate Studies in Biology

We offer a Graduate Program leading to an MSc or a PhD degree specialising in one of four areas:

1. Cell & Molecular Biology
2. Ecology & Evolution
3. Neurobiology & Physiology
4. Plant Sciences & Oenology and Viticulture.

Admission to MSc Program

The academic requirements for admission to the MSc program are completion of an Honours BSc degree (with a minimum overall average of 82% over years 3 and 4) from a recognized university, and a concentration in some area of the life sciences.   Students may be admitted on either a part-time or full-time basis.  Students registered as full-time will normally complete all degree requirements within two years.  Students registered as part-time will normally complete all degree requirements within four years.

Admission to PhD Program

The academic requirements for admission to the PhD program are the successful completion of an MSc degree from a recognized university with a focus in some area of the life sciences, or an equivalent degree in Biological Sciences with an overall average of not less than 80%. Alternatively, students who have successfully completed one year in the Brock Biological Sciences MSc program, normally including completion of all MSc course work with grades of at least 80% in each course, may apply to transfer to the PhD program following successful completion of the Biological Sciences pre-doctoral exam. PhD students must enroll full-time; there is no part-time PhD program in Biological Sciences.

Admission to both the MSc and PhD programs is dependent upon:
    1) proficiency in the English language
    2) suitable academic background
    3) identification of a suitable faculty supervisor within your statement of interest
    4) acceptance into a faculty member's research lab

Students whose academic records do not meet the above criteria are encouraged to upgrade before applying.  Please also consult the appropriate Graduate Calendar entry for the program that you are interested in.

Please note:  Potential graduate students must communicate with a faculty member BEFORE applying to the graduate program, as students are admitted to the graduate program only when a professor has agreed to have them join his or her lab. Identify professors whose research interests you, read up on their recent research, and then send them a c.v. and a research proposal or statement of interest (1-2 pages) prior to applying. Your statement of interest must clearly indicate with which professor you are proposing to conduct your thesis research.

Financial Support

Full-time graduate students accepted into the program receive a graduate fellowship from the Faculty of Graduate Studies, a teaching assistantship from the Department that offers the opportunity of involvement in the undergraduate teaching program, and some combination of external scholarships and a research fellowship made available from research grants held by their faculty supervisor (minimum of $9000/yr).

Entrance Scholarships

Students entering the program with an 80% average or higher are eligible for additional funding, including Dean of Graduate Studies Entrance Scholarships. Additional 'top-up' scholarships are offered to students with external scholarships, such as NSERC, CIHR, and OGS.  No additional application is required for consideration.

Application deadlines

Application due dates are Sep 15th, Jan 15th, and May 15th for formal entry into the Graduate Program on January 1st, May 1st or September 1st, respectively. Formal application to the Graduate program requires an online application and supplementary materials

To apply to the graduate program, please follow this link.

Many Biology professors are also involved in the Biotechnology MSc and PhD programs. For information click here.