[Massasauga Rattlesnake Conservation Symposium Workshop]

Massasauga Recovery Team. 2006. Third International Symposium and Workshop on Conservation of the Eastern Massasauga, Sistrurus catenatus: Population Viability and Outreach. 2005 October 12-14, Toronto Zoo, Toronto, Ontario.

Original Order
Captive Breeding (text)Andrew Lentini
Captive Breeding (presentation)Andrew Lentini
Introduction to Outreach WorkshopBob Johnson
Outreach Workshop ReportBob Johnson and Glenda Clayton
Translocation and Repatriation as Conservation StrategiesBruce Kingsbury
Outreach Workshop: Assessing Eastern Massasauga Outreach EffortsChristoffel and Riley
Management Implications of Habitat UseDan Harvey & Patrick Weatherhead
Roads…from Ruins to Salvation: Measuring the Severity of Road EffectsFelix Eigenbrod
Roads…from Ruins to Salvation: Mitigation StrategiesGeoff Gartshore
Roads…from Ruins to Salvation: IntroductionGlenn Johnson
Pictures-of-the-Sun: Relict Prairies and the Massasauga as Wilderness SymbolHarry Greene
Outreach Workshop: Elongation and Limb Reduction: PatternsHarry Greene
Sagacious InsightsHarry Greene
Outreach Workshop: Identifying Your AudienceHélène Gaulin
Outreach Workshop: Tools of Behaviour ChangeHélène Gaulin
Outreach Workshop: Setting Effective OutcomesHélène Gaulin
Outreach Workshop: Getting to Know Your AudienceHélène Gaulin
Roads…from Ruins to Salvation: Hwy 69 ExperienceJake Rouse & Ron Black
Roads…from Ruins to Salvation: Roadkill in OntarioJoe Crowley
Massasauga PVA to DateJohn Middleton
Conservation GeneticsKent Prior & Stephen Lougheed
Outreach Workshop: a First Nations PerspectiveLeon King
Outreach Workshop: Evaluation of the Eastern Massasauga RattlesnakeMartha McGuire
Outreach Workshop: Conservation of the Massasauga RattlesnakeMichelle Villeneuve
Conservation & Legal Status: CanadaMike Oldham
Conservation & Legal Status: USAMike Redmer
Bruce Peninsula Baseline Model and Scenario ElementsPhil Miller
Population Viability Analysis – A Brief IntroductionPhil Miller
PVA Workshop ReportPhil Miller
Life History & Population EcologyRichard Seigel
Outreach Workshop: Initiating a Public Education and Outreach Program in Southeast MichiganYu Man Lee, Daria Hyde, Rebecca Christoffel, and Andy Snider
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