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Event Strategy and Objectives | Campus Event Checklist | Sample Budget  Sample Event Outline | Event Evaluation

There are many components in planning and executing events. Below are some general steps that can be used as a guideline.

Overall Event Planning Steps

1.     Determine the purpose and objectives or goals that you wish to accomplish and determine if an event is the appropriate way to accomplish them.

2.     If an event is the best course of action, establish a strategy to accomplish the goals and objectives.

3.     Prepare a work plan that covers all planning aspects, when they are to be accomplished and who is responsible for each.

4.     Set the budget for the event.

5.     Determine the target audience for the event, and create an invitation list.

6.     Move forward with work plan and the aspects included in the work plan.

7.     Prepare and distribute the event outline and briefing packages.

8.     Ensure all event details are accomplished by walking through the event as if you were a guest attending.

9.     After the event, complete an evaluation to determine if the goals and objectives were accomplished.

10.  Send thank you correspondence and ensure expenses are paid.


Here are additional tools that you can download and use in your planning.

Event Strategy and Objectives

Campus Event Checklist

Sample Budget

Sample Event Outline

Event Evaluation